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Name of the Book: Computer Organisation


Author(s) : Mrs. E. Jeslin Renjith, Mrs. G. ShimiDr. K. Hema Shankari



This book covers the various Computer organizations and 8085 Microprocessor Programming concepts. Chapter 1 covers the number system, numbering conversion and data representations. Chapter 2 covers Register transfer operations and micro-operations. Chapter 3 covers Central Processing Unit and its register organization, Instruction formats, addressing modes and various instruction types. Chapter 4 covers Parallel processing concepts and types of pipelining, RISC Pipelining, Vector processing and Array Processors. Chapter 5 covers Introduction to Microprocessor, Application of Microprocessor, Components of the microprocessor, Microprocessor system with bus organization. Chapter 6 covers 8085 Microprocessor architecture, 8085 MPU, Instruction format and Classification of instruction. Chapter 7 covers the following programs: B.C.D. To Binary Conversion, Binary to B.C.D. Conversion, ASCII To B.C.D. Conversion, B.C.D. To ASCII Conversion, Binary to ASCII Conversion, ASCII To Binary Conversion. Chapter 8 covers the following programs: B.C.D. addition, B.C.D. Subtraction, Multibyte Addition, Multibyte Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Chapter 9 covers 8085 interrupts and 8085 vectored interrupts. Chapter 10 covers D.M.A. and Advanced Microprocessors.


ISBN: 978-93-91303-30-3


Volume: 2022


Edition: 1


Pages: 228


Price: INR 350/=


First Published: 25.01.2022




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