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Author(s) : Dr. B. Anandapriya & Ms. K. R. Srivaishnavi



The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a hot topic in the realms of computer science and electronics. The very interdisciplinary subject of IoT applications has captivated the globe. The IoT is employed in industrial, military, and consumer applications. IoT's versatility and ability to connect to practically anything make it a highly desired technology. The participation of people from many backgrounds shows the crucial need for a comprehensive collection of information about this new technology. The Internet of Things is rife with theory, tutorials, courses, and implementations. However, these arguments are so dispersed that even IoT experts struggle to get complete and exact information. "The Internet of Things" (IoT) is a new revolution in computer systems. Things include computers, phones, medical equipment, automobiles, wearables, and other common appliances and devices. Because these "things" are diverse, the development and presence of various communication methods and protocols are unavoidable. This book, IOT AND ITS APPLICATIONS, is written as per the University of Madras latest syllabus.

Keywords: IoT, Internet of Things, IoT Applications



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