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Name of the Book: Contemporary Outcomes of Science, Engineering and Technology


Editors(s) : Dr. N. Janaki Manohar, Dr. S. Lakshmi



The rise of globalisation has made it necessary for breakthroughs in scientific and technological fields in the direction of their usability, utilising efficient management practices and ethical methods. This, in turn, has powerfully stimulated the opening of new avenues of study to meet the developing patterns across all industries and service sectors over time. The progress and development that have resulted from the contributions of research done in the past have been only temporary. However, it was unable to fully measure the methodical sequences in terms of progress throughout to fulfil humanity's general needs in terms of establishing sustenance and stability. This was a limitation of the technology. This may be due to a lack of investigations being integrated across different fields and their integrity being maintained towards increasing overall societal welfare. In addition, the problem persists because of a concentration on a single discipline, which means that the integration viewpoint towards multiple streams, their research fields, and their contributions is not entirely integrated. The point of carrying out any study is to convey knowledge, and this process is fundamentally intertwined with various applications to attain socio-economic development in communities. In addition, the present state of the world is in a constant state of flux, which calls for well-balanced expansion and dissemination in every facet of adequate means of subsistence. As a result, maintaining one's lifestyle will become more difficult in the years to come. This forces the sharing of information via the gathering of research that spans inter-disciplines and multi-disciplines to advance socio-economic growth as a whole. Keeping these considerations in mind, the international conference's purpose is to significantly impact the paradigms governing the most cutting-edge research in engineering and technology. In order to assist the rearing of total sustenance and bring about a remarkable development capable of meeting the difficulties of the future, the conference seeks to have knowledge integration via an awareness of the many studies. The Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Technology conceived of and organised the international conference, which took place on March 26 and 27, 2022, and was aimed at evaluating and collecting the engineering and technological contributions made across the country the world in preparation for the dissemination of knowledge.

Keywords: International Conference, Engineering, Technology



ISBN: 978-93-91303-01-3


Volume: 2022


Edition: 1


Pages: 142


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First Published: May, 2022




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