Book Fundamentals of UX/UI (An Approach to Design Principles) 1st P. Rajesh, M. Selvadurai, V. Saranya Selvamani, P. Chandrasekar P. Rajesh, M. Selvadurai, V. Saranya Selvamani, P. Chandrasekar 978-93-91303-38-9 Jupiter Publications Consortium Prof. S. MageshChennai, India 23042022 ... ... ...

Fundamentals of UX/UI (An Approach to Design Principles)


Name of the Book: Fundamentals of UX/UI
(An Approach to Design Principles)


Author(s) : Mr. P. Rajesh, Mr. M. Selvadurai, Ms. V. Saranya Selvamani,
Mr. P. Chandrasekar



Usability and accessibility are necessary today as our day-to-day lives depend on technologies and software. Here is where user experience and user interface come into play. We will investigate how they function and how to take advantage of them. When developing websites and apps, user interface design (UI design) and user experience design (UX design) are the fundamental components that make a product user-friendly and approachable. However, UI and UX design is not restricted to producing applications and websites; it is also necessary for designing computers, household appliances, and other electronic devices. If you already work in the technology or digital business, you may be familiar with user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). You may have even heard the phrases in passing while strolling through the streets of one of the world's major IT hubs. However, as we will see in the next section, they are not the same, although they are often used interchangeably or jointly. They are, nevertheless, both essential components to the achievement of the other's goals. There are 5 chapters in all in this book. The section's primary topic is the explanation of the Design Principles and the Introduction to Setting the Stage for UI/UX in Section 1. It explains the distinctions between traditional design and the new approach, which covers the incredible efforts that a wide variety has made by designers worldwide. Section 2, "Planning", is broken down into "Knowing the Users." One of the most difficult challenges is determining who the end customers will be, but every company needs to do so in order to create designs that will be successful. Section 3 covers the Methods of Effective User Experience Design Approaches, which explain how to comprehend the factors contributing to successful designs. An incredible amount of work went into developing a novel strategy for implementing the different strategies. Section 4 provides further insight into subsequent Growth Designs and the Fusion of Business and UI/UX. The focus of Section 5 is on optimising the user experience via the use of processes and techniques. The objective of the authors is to provide a concise explanation of the fundamentals and rudimentary approach of UI/UX design to the academic community in order for them to comprehend the contemporary approaches and the significance of UI/UX design to the upcoming learners in order to establish the seriousness and involvement in making any novel design that is aimed towards the community with the utmost usefulness and the right approach for creating a viable product and services that are promising for the humanity as a whole.

Keywords: UX/UI, Design Principles, Planning, Techniques, Growth Designs, Design Optimisation




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ISBN: 978-93-91303-38-9


Volume: 2022


Edition: 1


Pages: 162


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First Published: August, 2022




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