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Text Book of Practical Physics


Name of the Book: Text Book of Practical Physics


Author(s) : Dr C ANDAL, Dr E KAVITHA



A Textbook of Practical Physics is written to serve as a comprehensive text for first-year engineering students at all colleges and universities in India that are accredited by the University Grants Commission and the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). This book aims to improve readers' abilities and confidence in designing, managing, and carrying out various experiments. This is one of several books on how to do things for ourselves or assist ourselves, focusing on Physics Practical. The book's primary topic is that there are a number of straightforward experiments that require nothing more than elementary principles of physics and the fundamental principles of engineering physics for students who are enrolled in undergraduate engineering programmes in colleges and universities. First, most individuals are unaware of how simple they are to carry out. Second, and more importantly, it does not occur to individuals to do things since they do not even cross their minds. This book will explain the experiments, make them simple for us to comprehend, and provide us with detailed pictures. The primary things we should anticipate learning from this book are practically relevant knowledge, particularly with experiments. We will walk away with a fundamental understanding of the fundamental ideas at the heart of the Engineering Physics experiment regulating the fundamental everyday life issues that test all of us throughout our lives. The contents of this book are organised into four chapters and thirty topics. In this book, students will discover answers to the experimental challenges often encountered by undergraduate students studying engineering in colleges and universities.

Keywords: Practical Physics, Experiments


ISBN: 978-93-91303-02-0


Volume: 2022


Edition: 1


Pages: 82


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First Published: June, 2022




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