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Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Name of the Book: Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Author(s) :  Dr. S. Umasarulatha


ISBN: 978-93-91303-39-6


Volume: 2022


Edition: 1


Pages: 280


Price: INR 350/=


First Published: October, 2022




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Umasarulatha. S.,(2022). Logistics and Supply Chain Management (1st ed., pp. 1-166). Jupiter Publications Consortium, ISBN: 978-93-91303-39-6, DOI:



This book brings together the theory and practice of supply chain management. It does so by drawing on the author's more than 20 years of experience in supply chain and operations management research and consulting with government and industrial organisations. A competitive supply chain can be constructed with the help of the information provided, which includes details on efficient management practices, operational models, decision-making procedures, and technological resources. A fundamental overview of supply chain management covers various topics, including e-commerce, collaborative planning, forecasting, replenishment, data mining, knowledge management, and business intelligence. This course is designed to cater specifically to Logistics and Supply Chain Management majors' requirements in the Commerce and Management field. The requirements for the operations B.Com degree and the logistics and supply chain management curriculum at the University of Madras and major Indian universities are both intended to be met by this text, which was written with those requirements in mind. The first section of this book is an overview of Logistics and Supply Chain Management that is concise and easy to understand.



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